Ever wonder why some crawlspaces are so damp?


The ground under some homes is inherently wet and releases its moisture continually. Vents help to move the odors caused by this moisture out from under the house but do not solve the problem.


Damp air from the outside enters through the vents into your cool crawlspace leaving its moisture behind as condensation on the cool

surfaces of your wood floor joists. A Healthy Home If you have vents and mold is growing in your crawlspace you either have damp soil or live in an area with high humidity or both. In either case circulating damp air through the crawlspace with venting will certainly not dry it. Circulation is absolutely necessary but you must circulate dry air for it to be of any benefit. Circulation without moisture control is a waste of time and money. Circulating damp air (68% humidity or higher) will only cause the wood in your crawlspace to absorb the moisture, making it ideal for mold to grow on it. The photo above shows a dry & protected crawlspace after our encapsulation process has been completed.


Why would building code in damp environments require venting? Because if you did not vent the bad odors would have no place to go but up and into the home. We have made great advancements in the area of building science. But the crawlspace has never been seriously re-engineered, after all these years.


This should cause us to ask the question, "Is there a better choice?" The answer is yes! Completely seal off the crawlspace and circulate dry, clean, and temperature controled air!

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