Humidity / Moisture


What is the average humidity in your crawlspace year round? (68% to 95%) This is a question you should be able to answer because it effect's your Health and the Health of those you LOVE. Your crawlspace is cool in the summer and the outside air is warm and moist. If the humidity outside is 90% what do you think the humidity is under your home? The same! No actually higher because the moisture is literally squeezed out of the air. Some Crawlspaces have such high humidity that it actually rains inside from the condensation. Remember, mold needs this moisture to grow!

There will always be evidence that a mold problem exists ... musty odor, dry eyes, annoying cough or visible mold growth on the wooden surfaces inside the crawlspace. It cannot be fabricated. Once you have identified the problem eliminate the cause. This photo shows how we eliminate the crawlspace moisture problem with the our encapsulation installation.

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