Once we have finished the installation, we now can efficiently take care of the moisture that is trapped inside. We install the finest and most efficient dehumidifiers on the market designed especially for the crawlspace.


These dehumidifiers will dry the air in the crawlspace. Once this is achieved, they will begin to dry out the flooring above the crawlspace actually going up into the walls above the crawlspace where moisture can remain and creates that musty odor so common in damp homes.

dehumidify your crawlspace

Once your dealer has inspected and verified that the installation has been completed according to our specifications, and the dehumidifier is in place, we can begin to permanently monitor and control the air temperature and humidity of your crawlspace. We will maintain humidity levels between 45% and 55% at all times. Mold growth is greatly inhibited at these levels. We will also come back each year for a visible inspection to ensure a mold free environment.

dehumidify your crawlspace
dehumidify your crawlspace

We also install a remote humidistat in the crawlspace with a wireless base unit in your home so you can see exactly what is happening under your home without having to go into your crawlspace to find out. This extra step ensures you, the homeowner , that our product is doing exactly what we promised.

We also offer:

Our web base monitoring technology, which lets you receive text alerts or email concerning elevated humidity levels in your crawlspace.


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